Thursday, February 02, 2006 - Missing the Point

Dan Rayburn with Streaming bashes Google’s new Video Store for having "clips from the NBA and CBS—right along with clips containing graphic sexual content and violence that appears to violate the company’s own video program policies. The end result? An embarrassment to the entire industry." Exploitation and criminal acts are no joke and should be dealt with by Google. With that said, these complaints sound more typical of an 'old media' player upset that Google is ignoring “the rules.” It sounds like Google wants the community to self-police as much as possible. This would be consistent with their strategies, and the successful strategies of Web sites such as MySpace (check their ‘content’ out sometime). What’s more, Dan is way off base about the potential for this product. Dan says "The real potential of the Video Store lies in offering mainstream content that people are actually willing to pay for." I’m certain Google has greater aspirations than to become an on-demand video jukebox for "mainstream" media. Think bigger Dan.

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