Monday, February 02, 2009

Hyper-Local Mashups, Quick, Easy, w/ UGC

Here is a very cool tool. Someone should buy this company and integrate what is probably a very simple app, or duplicate it. It allows anyone to create a mash-up quickly and easily and it allows users to submit content to the app for display on the mashup.

It eliminates the need for a developer and increases interactivity on the site. The uses are endless. It could be used to accept user-generated crime reports, car accidents, weather events/damage, or a publisher could plot parade route information, information, etc.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not Starting Any Rumours, but Leo at Babies R' Us?

There is nothing Internet-related in this post.

I'm not starting any rumours. Just telling the facts here. My wife and I went to Babies 'R Us this weekend to return an item. This should be good for my wallet, but it never turns out this way. As usual, we returned one item and bought two more. As we are headed to the check-out we notice a tall blond guy and I tell my wife, "I almost thought that guy was Leonardo DiCaprio." As we are checking out, I looked over at the guy at the counter next to ours and again think it looked a lot a like Leo. The customer was wearing cargo shorts, a T-shirt, a black baseball cap and sunglasses inside the store. The guy looked like a college frat boy, not a star. It couldn't be him.

Then, the cashier said something to the customer and he responds, "I know. And all this stuff isn't even for my baby." Likely story. Clearly, this guy was protesting too much :-) Either way, his response sealed it. It was defenitely Leo. The voice sounded like his, even with a slight east coast accent. I signaled to my wife and she confirmed she heard it too.

At this point we chose to just let him leave the store without harassing him. In restrospect, I should have asked him to autograph my wife's baby bump. :-)