Saturday, February 20, 2010

API Streamlines Surfacing of Relevant Geo-Info

I'm going deep into the 'GeoGeek' here, but think this is an interesting application announcement.

Geolenz announced the creation of an API that streamlines the surfacing of relevant data based on someone's location. From my interpretation of the press release, Geolenz created geo-"domains" which are a combination of geographically defined boundaries (possibly a neighborhood, village, city, street route) and search against those boundaries. The result is the ability in input a LAT/LON, filter against the concept of the domain, and return geographically relevant information  from many different sources based on that domain. 

"Each application developer can then enhance with functionality by specifying their own context of rules and terminology for communicating location information about the domain to and from end users." according to Geolenz.

At the face of it, I see this as a way to streamline the delivery of contextual data in location based services, mashups, etc. As a use case, a user may zoom in a weather mashup into  their neighborhood. As a result, the map would call this API to return relevant data for the domain in which the map is focused. That data could be business listings, current weather conditions, tweets from users, etc. Much of this is done now by developers/business owners that hand pick partners and feeds to return specific data. This API would allow for a developer to build the map and choose the data based on what the API returns.

If I am a data provider I would want to know how I can be included in Geolenz' API. If I am Geolenz I'd want to know if this is patent-able.

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