Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Patent Links Location to Access Permissions

Google filed for and was awarded a patent for restricting access to documents based on -- in part -- the users location. The patent reads:

United States Patent: 7664751: "Users may be presented with different viewing interfaces for a document based on a combination of factors relating to display rights possessed for the document and user specific information. In one implementation, the user's location is used to determine portions of the document that can be displayed to the user. More particularly, access privileges to a document for a user are determined based on geographical location information of the user and based on access rights possessed for the document. Portions of the document may then be formatted for display to the user based on the determined access privileges."

I'm not sure what Google is thinking. Maybe they are anticipating that publishers will want to restrict access based on DMA, similar to broadcast companies and sports clubs. Or, maybe they want to restrict access to documents based on proximity to a building such as a library or the pentagon.

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yutr said...

Google should not have patent on this as it will be better if anyone can use it for free.

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