Friday, March 19, 2010

Bing Calls on Broadcasters

Bing called on broadcasters to innovate using their product. Of course, they love the free exposure. The blog writes:

"A couple months ago we changed the Bing Maps Terms of Use in a post called Bing Maps Terms of Use Changes; Benefit Educators, Not-for-Profits and Developers. Well, we’ve gone a done it again. This time all you TV anchors are going to look so much hotter with a Bing Map playing behind your talking head. Oh, the ideas you can come up with for using anything in Bing Maps for free on your broadcast. King 5 in Seattle just happens to be a bit ahead of the game - Using Bird’s Eye on Broadcast. Or, check out the idea of using Streetside to broadcast your reporters location and playback the video with a GPS breadcrumb like I’ve seen with Inca X’s Geocasting.

Seems like a smart move on the part of MS/Bing as they battle Google.

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