Friday, April 30, 2010

LR Says Engagement is Key, But Misses on Strategy

In a recent post, Lost Remote tells local media that social success, "comes, not from pushing people to the site and then converting them into viewers (damn near impossible) but from their engagement with individual stories." In other words, get social and measure success based on engagement.

This is a great post and local media should be engaged in social for the reasons LR states. There are, however, additional goals that should be part of a more comprehensive FB and social strategy. Local media should be looking for ways to track, convert and monetize those users. Simple examples include, embedding tracking pixels in links from FB posts to measure ROI; when driving users to pages make sure to include opportunities for sign up for e-mails and newsletters, which creates new opportunities for advertising; and include advertising on your FB page/tabs. Most media companies are just posting news and watching the friends/likes climb, but they need to be taking a more active role in measurement, conversion and monetization.

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