Friday, April 02, 2010

Why Where 2.0 Trumps SXSW

Where 2.0 just ended in Northern California, just weeks after SXSW in Austin, Texas. The conference did not get as much mass media coverage. It's always been under the radar. This year it was really overshadowed because Gowalla and FourSquare sucked up so much mobile and location-specific press at SXSW. Where 2.0 typically is more developer focused. As such, the announcements tend to be less obvious in their benefits to the geo-neophyte. This year, Where 2.0 was partisan to announcements from SimpleGeo launching a SaaS platform and location-based data marketplace, PlaceCast launching a its Match API, and more. These are not consumer-facing solutions and as such are less sexy to most people, but they are potentially more critical because they help empower the the development of LBS going forward.For that reason, I would say Where 2.0 trumps SXSW and deserves some much needed contemplation.

Here are some resources to get caught up:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KOMO Adds Hyper-Local Prompt, Topics Pages on Home rolled out some changes to their home page layout recently. One of the changes may signal some discomfort on their part with regard to traffic going to the hyper-local pages.

When I first visited the site this week I was prompted with an overlay that suggested I check out the local communities section. Obviously, they are looking to drive traffic into those hyperlocal community pages. The div is apparently frequency capped, so I only got it once. Could this suggest a little angst on their part with regard to traffic to those pages?

Also, they have added topics pages adjacent to content buckets/modules on the home page. This is typically a d strategy to drive users to longer-tail content and drive SEO. DataSphere powers topics pages and is most assuredly powering the new topics feature.