Friday, April 09, 2010

Nokia Buys Geo Search Co. MetaCarta

Nokia announced it acquired MetaCarta. I've mentioned MetaCarta here before. They specialize in location-aware services and provide a geo-tagging engine and other products/services. Nokia is most obviously interested in leveraging MetaCarta's tools for Nokia phones.

The press release states "MetaCarta’s technology will be used in the area of local search in Location and other services." A not so insightful or revealing comment.

This acquisition comes after Nokia acquired Novarra -- a mobile browser and platform.

Here's more coverage:
The folks over at Directions Magazine offer some good commentary. I agree with them that a major publisher probably missed the boat in not acquiring MetaCarta. This is exactly the technology you need to help automate a hyper-local strategy which will be even more important as location-aware mobile devices proliferate.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Fwix Brings Hyperlocal News Feed To The iPad

Fwix Brings Hyperlocal News Feed To The iPad: "The app aims to simulate reading your local newspaper. Fwix’s app allows you to view news stories in a map format, showing you the exact geographic location of news. You can access news by your location and then filter stories by subject (i.e. sports, arts, politics, crime). And you can share all content on Facebook, Twitter or via email."