Monday, February 07, 2011 and DataSphere Revisited, Briefly

I haven't posted anything for a long time. I have been far to busy in my new job, however, I spotted this video from Borrell and Associates in preparation for their conference in New York and had to post it. In it, Mark Josephson, CEO of, discusses the company's local media strategy. A year ago, DataSphere made a big splash at Borrell's Local Online Advertising conference. This year, is poised to get a lot of that attention. And their pitch sounds kinda familiar --

"The local advertising universe is incredibly fragmented. And our core competency since day one has been organizing fragmented sources of content and information by location. So, we spent the first part of our life doing that around content..... And we build hyper-local and neighborhood focused sections for lots of publishers across the country and we are now starting to do the same thing for local advertisers by bringing all of the disparate channels together in a way that makes conversion and success happen for those advertisers. "

The local space has gotten VERY crowded in that just the past year but that hasn't stopped or DataSphere from continuing to forge ahead encroaching on the same space from slightly different directions.

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