Monday, March 12, 2012

RainAware App

I am giving a new rain prediction app a test run. The app claims to predict the weather better because of an algorithm that combines inputs from several sources to model out the likelihood and timing of rain for a lat/lon.

The interesting thing about an app like this is that if it works a the first time a user will probably keep it and test it some more. However, if someone uses it the first time and it misses by to wide a margin or is "wrong", the app will get one star and be deleted, without an acknowledgement that what the developers are trying to do is actually very complex. It will be difficult to grade an app like this because there are very few out there to compare it against.

First thing I will note is the UI need attention from a professional designer. It looks like the work of a developer. Time will tell if it will deliver on its promise.

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Anonymous said...

Good and honest assessment of our app. Contact us via our website if you would like any more information. Are you a meteorologist or a programmer?