Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ChromeCast Worth Watching

ChromeCast may not be a watershed idea, but does that mean it will not be disruptive? Just like some start-ups that take 10 years to be overnight success stories, disruption percolates. I theorize a small device (and associated licensing deals) like ChromeCast could raise the water level in the tub just high enough that it finally spills over for the TV industry. What intrigues me about CC is that it is ubiquitous in support (iOS and Android), dirt cheap ($39), easy/plug-and-play, turns the TV on/off and is offered by a trusted brand, Google. So, it significantly lowers the barrier for all Americans to experiment with and discover the option of “unplugging” and “mirroring” from the device to enjoy content. Article about ChromeCast on Forbes --

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Helping is the new selling

Favorite excerpt: "tell me your story. Helping is the new selling, Help me have a better day in every way that touches my family. When there is a clear benefit to the story of the brand, it is more likely to stand the test of time in our household."

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snippets Present a New Threat to Traditional Media?

Jonathan Mendez's Blog post about snippets Provides an interesting take on a "new" threat to portals with undifferentiated content. In particular, he points to the "everyday" weather portal such as the Weather Channel, AccuWeather and maybe local media sites. He suggests they must offer something more that the table stakes to avoid further commoditization by the snippet. TWC has such a strong brand that maybe it transcends this issue at times. Do local media companies win or lose in this situation? I think that many stations and broadcast mets probably need to do more. There are probably too many mets just collecting a paycheck for delivering a 7-day forecast and some severe weather coverage. They need to provide new value to elevate above the wide array of sources for weather data including the snippet. That value could be superior forecasting, superior explanations of what is happening and what to do (decision support). It seems to me this is a critical issue for local media in general. What can I get at 6p that I can't get somewhere else? I think -- not much. What new value can local TV bring and weather is a critical place to start.